Teach our Youth!

Youth Hunting/Shooting

Inducting children into the outdoor sports and shooting activities is a priority that Mutiny Machine takes seriously. We believe our youth hold the keys to our future and its up to us as parents to make sure that they have to tools needed to become successful adults. We encourage parents take their children hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, or just out in the sun surrounded by nature. So many valuable life lessons can be learned and the memories created in the process will stay with your children forever.

One of the first lessons that children should learn in regards to firearms and any outdoor activity involving nature is that safety is the NUMBER 1 Priority and that improper use of firearms or improper preparation when entering nature can cost you your life. 

In order to introduce our future leaders to the Second Amendment and Gun Safety, we are offering a FREE Gun Safety Activity/Coloring Book that you can use to educate your children about the dangers of improper firearm use.